Past continuous tense part 3

With all those questions that night was done. The next day is Sunday, so I should wait for another day to see her. The next day, I went to tuition early and waiting for her. After some time, she entered into tuition with her friends. they were talking about something and laughing together. when we see each other, her beautiful eyes and her smile, all my uneasy thoughts are gone, my mind was cleared. I just felt like she is for me, I want her.

later, we talk sometime, she asked something about me, All to my answers she listened very curiously. and she said that she was shocked that night when she saw me. and she asked how should I know that she will come to the exhibition that night. I replied, “I just believed like that”.

After that class was started, and sir told us that it was our last class. After this class, our course will be completed. after listening to this, my mood was suddenly changed. I felt very sad, and I looked at her, she also looks the same. we at least don’t know what we are feeling each other, at that time, we don’t know what should we do. at least I didn’t get an idea of giving my number or my FB id.

It was just 1 hour more to complete the class. and we just look each other. after that, the class was completed, and I was talking with my friends. and they are telling that what they do after that. she was waiting outside of the tuition for her father. we are standing opposite her. and my friends are doing some stunts in bike due to more happiness of our course completion. but I and her were in a dilemma situation. later my friends forced me to do a stunt. so I done, she expressed like “wow”.

And it was all about 15–20 minutes, and we know that we should never meet again. At least I didn’t ask where she lives.

Finally, my friend started the bike and I sit on the bike, and he was moving. it was our last moments. I just look into her eyes, her beautiful eyes, and she looked back. then I was gone.

She came into my life and gone, but her feelings were still running in my heart. So, she is the example of “Past continuous tense”.

So, that I didn’t give any name to that feeling, it just makes me crazy.

her name is “ BOKVN ” (shit each one towards left).



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