Past continuous tense part 2

The next day I and my friend went to tuition on time. today also I asked for her pen, this time I only directly asked her, but she said no extra pen, after few minutes she gave her pen and said no problem. as days are going I become very curious to go to tuition.

it was a new feeling, it makes me crazy when I saw her. she slowly came to my row and sitting diagonal to me. close enough to talk.

I and my friends are decided that she also like me. and I have a good following of younger boy’s intuition. they used to tell that she is seeing you. it was good that I like her and she also likes me.

Maybe if it continues it would be a good relationship but I don’t get that chance.

an architectural exhibition is coming to our town, and there are so many like clothes, toys, wooden things, etc.

I went to tuition, today I decided to talk to her. when I enter the tuition she already came. and sit in the last row close to mine and talking with other girls. she wears a Punjabi dress with chunni. the chunni was full of glitters. and with shining earrings. when she smiles, she was shinning.

I went to my place, while I am going she gave me a little smile. she was playing with her pen placing between his teeth. I asked her pen and she gave me that pen. her touch is soft. it was an unexplained feeling that someone likes me other than my family and friends.

I talked to her but not much. due to serious class. our conversation end unexpectedly and she gone home immediately after tuition is completed as her dad came to pick up her.

I don’t know what to do. so, I and my friends decided to go to the exhibition. but there is hope for me that she also come to the exhibition. but she didn’t. we almost searching for her for one hour by roaming in that exhibition like searching for treasure. and we decided to exit. and we moving to the exit. but suddenly I saw her brother. I just thought she come but It became real. I asked her brother where is she. he said she was in front. so, rushed and moved towards the front and I was confused that there are a lot of girls. but finally, I saw her, it feels like seeing the searching treasure. she was looking for a top. when she looks me, she gave an exciting expression that I never forgot. it was just a few seconds she looks excited and smiled. and I to smile. and she went when her mother came. but I was standing in the same position where I was her. later I went home. when I go to bed, I am not getting sleep that night. I feel like I got new energy in my body like I can do anything for her. but there was some fear that where this thing end. because we belong to different religions and are attached to different societies.


“ Stories became memories and

memories became stories.”

but when we remember that memories there will be always a feeling comes to our heart.

To be continued.



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