Past Continuous tense

3 min readMay 9, 2021

Past continuous tense-An action(incident) that is started in the past and still the action is running is called past continuous tense.
Why I am learning this? why I am stricken here? But my friends are playing and enjoying outside. Because our exams are completed, our school is also over. Now that we are going to college. All my friends are enjoying the holidays, but I am still studying because I want to improve my spoken English. Therefore I joined in English tuition at the beginning it was good that I am doing something without wasting my time.

I go to tuition daily from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm. At first, I am curious to learn later, as usual, I started to get bored. Even though it was small tuition with girls and boys with some children, it was good but I didn’t have any friends there. The tuition was arranged on a terrace with beautiful sky and pleasant winds.
As I got bored I asked my friend to join my intuition. Even though he doesn’t have interest he joined the tuition for me and to keep me company.

As days passed by, it was good that me and my friend I both went to tuition, and he was crazy and always do some noise in class.
One pleasant evening we went to tuition late but sir didn’t arrive yet. So, we went normal and talking about some random stuff but suddenly I noticed that I forgot my pen. It wasn’t a big problem but sir will check our notes so, I started asking some of the other boys. As you know no one has an extra pen then my friend gave me the advice to ask girls but I didn’t like to talk to strangers. Moreover, we are going to tuition for the past few weeks we never talk to them. we just see each other but today I want to ask, so I did but they also don’t have an extra pen. Suddenly a boy came to me and gave me an extra pen and he said that “My Sister said to give this pen to you.” the boy looks a little funny but stylish, then I asked him “who is your sister?”

the boy raised his hand and shown towards her. she sat at the first line and I sat at the last line. when I saw her she was diagonal to me so I saw only saw a part of her. She wore a scarf with beautiful long earrings. when I saw her, she was already looking towards me then she smiled and turn aside. Even tuition is messy when I look into her eyes , Not like we see in movies but that day i experienced a new feeling, which I never felt before it made me so high, it was a beautiful feeling that only a boy can understand.

Later sir came and started class that day sir told me about “Past continuous tense” but I didn’t listen to the class and what was going on. I was just seeing her throughout the class but suddenly sir asked me to tell an example of it. But because I was a bright student in the class so normally sir asks me to give examples I didn’t tell that day. But now I understand that she became an example of it. She came into my life and gone, but her memories are still running in my heart.

I don’t remember it as a sad part, but rather it was as a sweet incident in my life and I don’t like to give a name to that feeling.

“ Love Stories End But Feelings Don’t ”.

Hope I continue the story soon.




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